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Briefing on upcoming AIIC Negotiations; Election of HR Network Spokesperson. ICSC discussions on: Assessment of issues and practices regarding Inter-agency mobility; Performance management framework; Review of the level of Education grant; Review of pensionable remuneration; Separation payments/termination indemnity; Proposal to increase base/floor scale for the Professional and higher categories; Evolution of the UN/US net remuneration margin; WG report on mobility/hardship scheme; Establishment of grade equivalencies between US federal civil service and UN system; Survey and report on gender balance in the UN system; Review of the level of children's and secondary dependants' allowances; Implementation of the revised job evaluation standard for the Professional and higher categories assessed; Review of GS HQ and non-HQ salary survey methodologies; Harmonization of the conditions of service of staff serving in non-family duty stations; ACPAQ. HR Network matters discussed relating to HLCM Plan of action for harmonization of business practices; Safety and security of staff (such as SLS and Rapid Response Team); Personal Status/Domestic Partners; DC&SM update regarding obtaining the right to work strategy; Update on UN Cares; Disability Policy implementation; Confidentiality Guidelines for Stress Counsellors endorsement; Staff-Management Relations.