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Issues discussed included: UN system joint crisis initiative on the global financial and economic crisis; Climate change; The policy dimension of knowledge management and Second UN Decade for the Eradication of poverty (2008-2017)


Action on United Nations system Joint Crisis Initiative on the Global Financial and Economic Crisis

Following its review of progress, the Committee agreed on the following next steps:The joint crisis initiatives would move forward in a decentralized manner, coordinated by the lead and cooperating agencies; Lead and cooperating agencies should develop methodologies for working together at the country level with resident coordinators and the United Nations country teams, either through the United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks or through joint initiatives in response to the crisis, which were to be defined locally;

Action on Knowledge Management

The Chair proposed that, rather than create a task force or working group, the Committee should invite UNIDO to present, at the next session of the High-level Committee on Programmes, taking into account views expressed, and in consultation with the interested agencies, a document that charted the way forward towards achieving improved coordination and coherence of knowledge-sharing activities across the United Nations system.

Action on the second United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty (2008-2017)

The High-level Committee on Programmes members suggested a number of areas to be integrated into the draft plan, including productive capacity-building, women and rural employment, and green jobs and employment opportunities in support of a low-carbon economy. With these considerations added, the Committee agreed to endorse the plan of action.