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Issues discussed included: Review of recent developments and forthcoming events; Climate change; Evaluation of the United Nations pilots; Strategic direction for the future work of the High-level Committee on Programmes; UN-Water; Campaign to end violence against women and girls; Disaster risk reduction.


Action on the Campaign to end violence against women and girls

The Committee: Takes note of the Framework for Action and Programme of the United Nations Activities and Expected Outcomes, 2008-2015, Secretary-General’s Campaign “UNite to End Violence against Women”; Recognizes the importance of the Campaign and invites organizations to contribute in the areas of their comparative advantage to the Campaign;

Action on Disaster Risk Reduction

The Committee expressed its strong support for the recommendations contained in paragraph 22 of the paper, with an amendment to the third recommendation. It therefore endorsed the following actions by United Nations system entities: Examine to what extent their existing mandates or policies are in line with the Hyogo Framework, and, if necessary, request their executive boards to consider revising/updating them;

Action on Preparations for the Follow-up of International Conference on Financing for Development

The Committee agreed to establish the joint High-level Committee on Programmes/United Nations Development Group working group on financing for development. It nominated IFAD (given its financial setting and as representative of the Rome-based organizations), the International Labour Organization (given its work on the social and normative dimensions of employment and as representative of the specialized agencies), and the World Bank, as the High-level Committee on Programmes representatives and co conveners of this group.

Action on Climate change

Work would continue in both focus and cross-cutting areas, with all entities continuing to provide their inputs to the conveners, who should work on improving the respective papers. The papers would be useful as sources to draw from for Poznan, references for future work, best practices, and so on. The United Nations system document for Poznan should be strategic, positive, politically sensitive and brief. Particular attention should be given to achieving the right tone and showing due sensitivity to parties’ concerns.

Action on UN-Water

The Committee thanked the Chair of UN-Water for his report and congratulated him on the concrete achievements of the mechanism. It encouraged UN-Water to enhance its collaboration and exchange of experiences with UN-Oceans, UN-Energy, the Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Water Supply and Sanitation, as well as other bodies under the sustainable development framework to create further synergies, complementarities and potential for cooperation.