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Issues discussed included: Dialogue with FICSA, CCISUA and the United Nations International Civil Servants Federation; Security and safety of staff; Plan of Action for the Harmonization of Business Practices in the United Nations System; Programme of work of the UNDG on management issues; Enhancing collaboration between the HLCM and the JIU; Review of the senior management leadership programme; HLCM networks; Collaboration between the HLCM and the Representatives of Internal Audit Services of the UN-RIAS; Establishing a United Nations system-wide evaluation mechanism; Implementing enterprise resource planning systems; Results of the ICSC 2008 staff survey on recruitment and retention.


Action on Security and Safety of Staff, Inter-agency Security Management Network

The Committee:

Endorsed the Terms of Reference of the Steering Committee, as outlined in CEB/2008/HLCM/21/Rev.1 , and the process agreed upon within such Committee to prepare the discussion and decision of CEB at its meeting of 24-25 October 2008.

Recommended that Executive Heads within respective organizations are kept up to date on the proceedings of the Steering Committee between now and the CEB meeting, so that they come well prepared to the meeting and ready to take the decisions that they will be asked to take, in order to bring to the implementation stage a series of recommendations that are essential to ensure the safety and security of UN system staff.

Commended IASMN for its professionalism in preparing and guiding the response of HLCM to the emerging needs on safety and security of staff, before the release of IPSS as well as in the implementation of the IPSS recommendations.

Action on HLCM Plan of Action for the Harmonization of Business Practices

The Committee took note of the progress and encouraged the Steering Group and the CEB Secretariat to follow-up with the Office of the Secretary-General for a quick transmission of the Funding Proposal to potential donors, in accordance with the decision of all Executive Heads in CEB, and with a view not to lose the positive momentum and the interest repeatedly manifested by donors to contribute generous funding to this initiative.