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Issues discussed included: Dialogue with Representatives of FICSA and CCISUA; Cooperation with ICSC; Business Practices; Security and Safety of Staff; Institutional links between HLCM and UN/RIAS – Disclosure of Internal Audit Reports; HLCM Networks; UN Cares; UN Dual Career and Staff Mobility; Staff Management Leadership Development Programme; Jointly-financed Activities; Procedures and criteria for the preparation of agendas and submission of documents for consideration and discussion by the HLCM at its session.


Action on Cooperation with the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC)

The Committee welcomed ICSC’s initiative for strengthening its partnerships with CEB, the organizations and staff representatives, as this would enable the Commission to focus on issues of higher value to organizations.

The Committee welcomed the decision to hold shorter ICSC sessions and emphasized the need for flexibility, given the different mandates and functions of member Organizations.  Appreciating the new outreach strategy outlined by the Commission, the Committee encouraged the ICSC to continue dialogue with its key stakeholders.

Action on Business Practices

The Committee approved the overall thrust of the document and, one by one, the nineteen initiatives outlined in Section VI, page 12 of CEB/2007/HLCM/16, with the exception of the HR project number 2 for a “Framework for the Harmonization and Coordination of Staff Mobility and Well-being Initiatives” which, given its ongoing and internal nature, would be best funded through core contributions from UN system organizations’ regular budgets; the ICT project number 6 on Common Services – Global Networks, which the Committee agreed to fund entirely from voluntary contributions already committed by organizations (see below, Section VII-C); and the ICT project number 8 “UN System Directory”, which would be pursued within the context of UNDG.

Action on Security and safety of staff, Inter-agency Security Management Network (IASMN)

The Committee endorsed the IASMN report subject to the comments of the meeting.

The Committee appreciated the effort by UNDSS to increase accountability on its activities by providing detailed and timely information on status of expenditure, programme performance of its operations and vacancy status of its posts, and encouraged UNDSS to continue to do so, to enhance the overall transparency and stakeholders’ participation in the management of the UN Security Management System.

With a view to facilitating the resolution of issues that have or may emerge with respect to the management and funding of SMS, the Committee appointed a small Advisory Group of three member organizations, which would provide its support to UNDSS upon request by the HLCM. The group membership was determined as follows: