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Issues discussed included: Dialogue with Representatives of FICSA and CCISUA; HLCM proposal on Business Practices; Collaboration between HLCM and UNDG Management Group; Relationship between IAPWG and HLCM; Security and Safety of Staff; Information and Communication Technology; Finance and Budget; Human Resources; Confidentiality of Internal Audit Reports; Senior Management Network; Observations of the Panel of External Auditors on Tsunami; World Bank Financial Management Framework Agreement; Malicious Acts Insurance Policy (MAIP); After Service Health Insurance (ASHI); System-wide Coherence in the Provision of Legal Services.


Action on HLCM proposal on Business Practices

The Committee, supported by its Networks, will develop a detailed, sequenced and costed plan of action for implementation, based on document CEB/2007/HLCM/3 and on the indicative priorities and areas of interest identified above. The plan of action would be incorporated into the HLCM programme of work, and would include detailed terms of reference outlining the scope, objectives, timeline and resources that each project entails.

A Steering Committee supported by the CEB Secretariat, led by the HLCM Vice-Chair (WHO) and composed by the organizations whose representatives currently chair the HLCM Networks (UN, IAEA, UNESCO, WFP), would drive the development of such plan of action, to be submitted to the Committee for approval at its 14th session in the fall 2007.