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I. Review of the outcome of working groups: All leave entitlements; Survey and report on the status of National Professional Officers; Results of the UN/US grade equivalency studies; Summary of the UN/US margin methodology; Evolution of the UN/US net remuneration margin; Total compensation comparisons under the Noblemaire principle: total comparison - stage II (Belgium); Education grant: review of the methodology for determining the grant; Education grant: review of the level; Monitoring of the pilot study of broad banding/pay-for-performance (progress report); Assessing the implementation of the new Job Evaluation Master Standard for the Professional and higher categories; Survey and report on gender balance in the UN common system; Base/floor salary scale; Survey of best prevailing conditions of Employment for General Service and Trades and Crafts Categories in New York; Staffing of field mission: review of conversion of contractual arrangements; Report back by working groups; Safety and security of staff; Meeting with Chair of the High-level Committee on Management; HIV/AIDS in the UN system workplace; Staff Management Relations; Updates on (a) Handover of local salary surveys; (b) Working groups on Appendix D and Long term care; EMEA; IAMP website; Revised structure for future HR Network meetings; Composition of HR Network working groups (as per 1 September 2006).