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Issues Discussed included: Dialogue with representatives of FICSA and CCISU,, Preparations for joint session of HLCM and HLCP; Management reform, Information and communication technology issues; Security and safety of staff; Finance and budget issues; Human resources issues. Other matters covered: United Nations System Staff College; Gender mainstreaming, and women, peace and security; Working methods of HLCM.


Action on Management reform

The Committee adopted the statement and:

  • Requested the CEB secretariat to consult with members to constitute an ad hoc group of HLCM to serve as focal point for the Steering Committee, to ensure that HLCM’s views are fully represented to the Steering Committee and to the consultants doing the study;
  • Noted that the UN Secretariat would ensure that the HLCM was kept advised of all developments in the progress of the study;
  • Noted that the Steering Committee would submit its reports on governance and oversight to the Secretary General who would share them with the Executive Heads of all UN system organizations.

Action on Management reform

The Committee:

  • Agreed that there should be more systematic sharing of practices and to this end requested that the secretariat survey organizations on ongoing efforts in this area upon specific request from HLCM members;
  • Agreed that the Committee convenes inter-sessional video conferences on specific emerging issues such as the Secretary General’s forthcoming reform proposals and alternative service delivery models;
  • Urged that the management reforms throughout the system focus on achieving greater impact, and better use of resources, and not just on reform for the sake of reform.