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Review of the pay and benefits system: (a) Monitoring of the pilot study on broadbanding/reward for contribution; (b) Assessing the implementation of the new Job Evaluation Master Standard for the Professional and higher categories; (c) Mobility and hardship allowance, hazard pay and strategic bonuses; (d) Education grant: Review of the methodology for determining the level of the grant; Evolution of the United Nations/United States remuneration margin; Survey of best prevailing conditions of employment in Montreal; Considerations related to reviewing the Job Evaluation Standards for General Service and related categories; Review of the pensionable remuneration; Total compensation comparisons under the Noblemaire principle to determine the highest paid civil service: (a) Progress Report on Phase II of total compensation comparisons; (b) Grade equivalency between United Nations/United States; Administrative and budgetary matters: proposed budget for the biennium 2006/2007; Hazard pay – review of the level; Entitlements of internationally-recruited staff serving in non-family duty stations; Safety and Security of Staff (a) Report of the Inter-Agency Security Management Network; (b) Malicious Acts Insurance Programme (MAIP); Inter-Organization Mobility Accord; Access to hard currency by locally recruited staff for education of dependent children abroad (UNICEF); Harmonization of the Conditions of Travel throughout the UN System: JIU Report JIU/REP/2004/10; DSA for locally recruited staff; Outcome of Review Process of UNSSC; Update on implementation of the Senior Management Network; HIV/AIDS Orientation Session (UNAIDS); Proposal for “Dialogue on enhancing staff representatives/management relations and cooperation” (FICSA); Re-negotiation of Agreement with AIIC; Procurement Certification Training (ITCILO); National Professional Officer Category (UNHCR); Outcome of Orientation Session on HIV and AIDS in the UN system workplace.