Currency of payment to staff entitlements

(1)     At its 15th session (April 1954: CO-ORDINATION/R.162, section C.a.18) the Committee agreed that although varying circumstances in the organizations made standardization in this area of the salary system unlikely at that time, it would nevertheless review comparative practices periodically, the basic principle being that the proportion of a staff member's salary payable in other than local currency should ordinarily relate to commitments outside the country of the duty station.

Advances to staff

(1)     At the 42nd session (September 1975) CCAQ agreed to a set of principles for determining the currency and procedures for the recovery of advances to staff. These principles (CO-ORDINATION/R.1114, paras. 30 and 31) were:

     (a)     (i)     In the case of advances to staff in the Professional and higher grades, the staff members' liability shall be recorded in US dollars or, if the organization maintains its accounts in another currency, in that currency.

Other financial questions relating to staff entitlements

(A)     Timeliness of initial salary payments to field staff

(A1)     At the 52nd session (March 1980) CCAQ agreed that the organizations should seek to identify and eliminate the structural causes of delays in the issue of salary payment instructions upon the appointment of field staff, and that they should consider providing newly-appointed field staff with provisional salary payment instructions if they were not already doing so (ACC/1980/16, para. 41).