(1) At its 58th session (March 1983) CCAQ(FB) noted information collected by IAPSU on recent experience in the organizations with regard to compensation for service-incurred injury, illness or death of staff financed by UNDP, as well as suggestions by UNDP on funding compensation payments for such staff. As most organizations had commercial insurance policies to cover compensation payments, IAPSU was requested to obtain quotations for a common policy, which could cover staff financed from sources of funds other than UNDP if this was desired by individual organizations (ACC/1983/11, paras. 48-49).

(2) Having considered IAPSU's report at the 60th session on financial and budgetary questions (March 1984), and having recognized UNDP's problem in respect of liabilities for compensation payments relating to staff financed by it, the Committee noted that some organizations did not wish to change their current arrangements for the coverage of compensation payments. UNDP was invited, after obtaining such information from the organizations as it needed, to return with new proposals for dealing with these payments as they related to UNDP-financed staff (ACC/1984/10, paras. 48-50). Further reflections by UNDP on this subject were noted in discussions at the 6lst session on financial and budgetary questions (September 1984) (ACC/1984/17, para. 62).