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Issues discussed included: Review of recent developments on system-wide coherence and the implications for the Chief Executives Board; Review of the High-level Committee on Programmes’ role, functioning and working methods; Evaluation of the United Nations pilots; Triennial Comprehensive Policy Review; Climate change; Peacebuilding; African development.


Action on Evaluation of the United Nations pilots

The Committee expressed appreciation to the United Nations Evaluation Group for the work undertaken to date, and looked forward to the outcome of the evaluability process, which would provide the basis for further work. It noted the professional and independent nature of the Group and the need to strengthen its functioning over the longer term. It encouraged the CEB secretariat to continue to work with the Group in developing the approach for the independent evaluation of delivering as one and to ensure that the Group’s mandate, membership and involvement in recent triennial comprehensive policy review rounds would be well understood and supported by both United Nations system organizations and Member States.