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This report covers: the reports of the Board's committees; HLCM, HLCP and UNDG; Briefing on UN-Water; Issues of system-wide concern: financing for sustainable development; Other matters (United Nations Environment Assembly; Climate Summit)


Action on UN-WATER

The committee:
Mentioned that the Group was organizing the celebration of World Toilet Day on 19 November 2014 as a milestone in support of the Deputy Secretary-General’s campaign to end open defecation.
Thanked the Chair of UN -Water for the briefing and for his leadership of the organization.

Action on Financing for Sustainable Development

In his concluding remarks, the Deputy Secretary -General thanked the Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development and the members of CEB for an open and constructive conversation.
Pointing out that the level of attention being paid to the issue of financing for sustainable development was expected to rise in preparation for the Third International Conference on Financing for Development, he emphasized the need for a coherent and coordinated response across the United Nations system.
The organizations of the system needed to make a concerted effort to lead by example and incorporate the three dimensions of sustainable development into their own strategic and funding frameworks.
In addition, efforts would continue to be needed to increase coherence at country level, to overcome institutional silos and jointly engage with a broader range of partners and stakeholders.
As the international community moved towards a framework for financing for sustainable development, it must build on the spirit of the Monterrey Consensus in bringing more voices and partners around the table.

Action on Management Issues

The Committee:
Noted that the Committee was engaged in the development of a common system-wide organizational resilience policy, based on the organizational resilience management system developed by the Secretariat and recently approved by the General Assembly. That was in line with the request by the General Assembly to the Secretariat to take steps to expand the organizational resilience management system to the specialized agencies, funds and programmes.
Noted that that system represented a transformative change in United Nations emergency risk management, consistent with the global trend of developing a comprehensive risk management approach to address the significant and diverse risks faced by the Organization.
Expected to strengthen the common understanding of resilience across the United Nations system and the ability of the organizations in it to work together and deliver in even the most difficult circumstances. The latter was seen as also representing a contribution to the fit -for-purpose considerations of the Board.

Action on Operational Activities for Development

The Executive Director of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women thanked the Group for developing a gender equality marker guidance note, which had been designed to guide the development of an effective and coherent United Nations system approach to tracking resources that support gender equality results. As called for by the Secretary-General’s Policy Committee, it provided direction for individual entities instituting or improving their gender equality marker systems so that such systems produced comparable data across United Nations entities.
The Secretary-General thanked the Chair of the Group for highlighting the second generation of “Delivering as one” and called upon all Principals of the Group and all country teams to support its implementation. In order to become more effective, the United Nations system needed to ensure closer coherence and collaboration across its core mandates at the country level, including the more deliberate integration of human rights through the “Rights up front” initiative, which placed a greater focus on vulnerability on the agenda of the system.
The Board thanked the Chair of the United Nations Development Group for her briefing, took note of the progress made and endorsed the report on the meeting of the Group held on 6 February 2014.

Action on Programme Matters

The members of CEB thanked the Chair of the High -level Committee on Programmes for his briefing and endorsed the report of the Committee on its twenty-seventh session, including:
(a) A joint statement by CEB to the third International Conference on Small Island Developing States ( CEB/2014/4, annex V);
(b) A synthesis report on follow-up action taken by the United Nations system to the second high-level dialogue on international migration and development ( CEB/2014/4, annex VI).