This report covers: the reports of the Board's committees (HLCM and HLCP). Discussions on Programme issues (Curbing transnational crime; Bridging the digital divide) and Management issues (Policy on domestic partnerships; Establishment of the Senior Management Service).


Action on Programme matters

The Board expressed appreciation to the Chairman for the excellent work being done by the Committee under his leadership. It noted with satisfaction the evolution of the work of the Committee and welcomed its efforts to enhance synergies among the coordination mechanisms within the United Nations system.

Action on Bridging the Digital Divide

CEB stressed the importance of implementing the Plan of Action of the Geneva phase and collectively addressing the challenges ahead, in particular those involving the key issues of Internet governance and funding mechanisms to bridge the digital divide. It urged its members to participate actively in the preparatory process of the Tunis phase of the Summit and to contribute to ensuring its success. CEB requested HLCP for a substantive, action-oriented paper to assist in its deliberations on the subject at its Autumn 2004 session, building on the work of the High-level Summit Organizing Committee.

Action on Policy on domestic partnerships

The Board noted the general principles of policy on domestic partnerships submitted by HLCM. It requested the Committee to inform CEB at its next session of developments in that regard, including the decision to be adopted by the General Assembly, relevant outcomes of agency governing bodies, the experience of organizations applying the policy, as well as other implications.