Security and independence of the international civil service

(1) At its 52nd session (Part I, January-February 1980: ACC/1980/4, paras. 73-75), CCAQ considered the question of enhancing the security of staff members, noting with concern recent incidents of arrest and detention of staff. It considered that a standard set of procedures for reporting the arrest or detention of a staff member, such as those of the UN, would be helpful, even if, in some cases, agencies were able to resolve situations of this kind on their own.

Standards of conduct

(1) At the 37th session (March 1973: CO-ORDINATION/R.984, para. 91) CCAQ discussed policy with respect to patents on inventions developed by staff members as part of their official duties. Few organizations had had much experience of the problem but their policy in general was that any work developed should be made freely available to Member States.