Computation of entitlements

(l) At the 24th session (March 1963: CO-ORDINATION/R.430, para. 27 and Appendix D) CCAQ agreed that any non-resident's allowance and language allowance should be added to the base pay, to arrive at the total take-home pay, before fixing the appropriate step in the Professional grade in the case of promotion from the General Service to the Professional category. If the base salary step in the Professional grade (excluding any post adjustment) was fixed at a level above the previous General Service take-home pay, and if the post adjustment was then added, the staff member would be receiving a double benefit in respect of the cost-of-living element; because this would have been reflected once in his previous General Service base pay and would be again reflected in the post adjustment element. Both for local and semi-local staff, therefore, the correct method of adjustment was to take the take-home pay before promotion (i.e. base pay plus non-resident's allowance plus language allowance if any) and so arrange matters that the base pay in the Professional grade plus the appropriate single rate of post adjustment for that step should exceed the previous take-home pay by the amount of one increment (or whatever addition the staff rules provided).

(2) See section 6.l regarding pensionable remuneration in certain cases of promotion from the General Service to Professional category.

(3) At its 67th session (July 1987: ACC/1987/10, paras. 159-161), CCAQ reviewed problems relating to salary on promotion from the General Service to the Professional category. It agreed that consideration might be given by other organizations to applying an "anniversary calculation" introduced by the United Nations.

(4) At its 71st session (July-August 1989: ACC/1989/14, para. 152), CCAQ defined the notion of "continuing service" in the context of a staff member's eligibility for entitlements.

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