Collaboration Technologies Subgroup

The mission of the Collaboration Technologies sub group is to bring together IT experts of the UN system as a formal group, to share knowledge, best practise and expertise in the implementation of Collaboration technologies and tools and review how we are leveraging the technology to collaborate.

Collaboration is defined as a purposeful relationship in which all parties strategically choose to cooperate in order to accomplish a shared outcome. Therefore, Collaboration Technology is any software product, application or tool that supports collaboration. In other words, a tool that facilitates simultaneously editing or work progress on a shared initiative such as content or documents across distributed teams.

Much effort is spent in each organization procuring, selecting and/or implementing collaboration tools for both internal and external collaboration. By establishing this sub-group and looking at common use cases/scenarios and different solutions to those, the goals are to share knowledge and lessons learned, reduce duplication of effort, improve how the technology is leveraged and raise awareness of possibilities and options.

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  • DTN Sub Group Collaboration Technologies ToR

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