1999 Annual Overview Report

This report provides an overview of the work of the Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC) and its subsidiary bodies in 1999.

The report outlines major trends in the work of ACC during 1999, focusing on inter-agency coordination efforts to enable the system to meet coherently and effectively the challenges of the twenty-first century, and on responses to specific requirements of intergovernmental bodies. In that context, the report elaborates upon efforts to strengthen the dialogue between ACC and the central intergovernmental machinery, particularly the Economic and Social Council.

The report reviews major policy issues examined by ACC, including the institutional and programmatic capacity of the system to address the challenges of globalization and the system’s interactions with the private sector, and especially highlights the efforts of the system in support of a sustained and integrated follow-up to United Nations global conferences and summits of the 1990s.

The report stresses that poverty eradication and the objective of promoting equity and equality, at both the national and international levels, should continue to be the overarching goals that guide ACC in contributing to the development of a focused global agenda, based on the outcomes of global conferences.

The promotion of peace and sustainable development in Africa continued to be a major theme in the work of ACC during 1999. In addition to reviewing progress in enhancing the coordination of United Nations system activities in Africa, the report provides, as recommended by the Committee for Programme and Coordination (CPC), information on overall trends in aid flows to Africa.

Also as requested, the report provides information on assistance to countries invoking Article 50 of the Charter of the United Nations. Finally, the report addresses administrative questions focusing on staff security and safety concerns.

The report is available in other UN official languages at the UN Official Documents System.

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