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CEB: Enhancing human resources management 23.02.2017

CEB also continued to provide oversight, through the High-Level Committee on Management and its Human Resources Network, of staff management policies and practices across the system with a view to promoting best practices, harmonization and administrative simplification. Issues addressed included:

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HRN: Report of the 29th Session (16-18 July 2014, Rome) 23.02.2017

Discussion of topics under consideration by the ICSC; Proposal on synchronizing the post adjustment classification review cycles at headquarters duty stations and other group I duty stations, report on mandatory age of separation for existing staff, health Insurance, base / floor salary scale, margin management, review of the common system compensation package.

Document reference: CEB/2014/HLCM/HR/29

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HLCM: Action on ASHI – Outcome of the General Assembly's discussions on the SG’s report 10.08.2016
HLCM: Action on Progress report on the Secretary-General study on ASHI 04.08.2016

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