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HRN: Report of the 28th Session (19-21 February 2014, Torino) 23.02.2017

Briefing and update from the Field Group (FG), UN Cares, and new talent program for female leaders; development of new HRN Work Plan; Project on Harmonization of Vacancy Announcements and Selection Process; Regionalization of relocating grant levels; HLCM priority topic Mobility; Inter-Agency Mobility; Dual Career & Staff Mobility Programme; Medical Topics: vaccination policy, Mental Health, Special Dependency Allowance, Performance Indicators for UN Medical Services, and Staff Heath Care in Field Duty Stations; Issues under discussion by the ICSC; HLCM priority topic Performance Manage

Document reference: CEB/2014/HLCM/HR/28
HRN: Report of the 24th Session (February 2012, UNOG) 23.02.2017

Outcome/follow-up to HR Directors’ Strategic Meeting; Payment of fees by organizations with observer status at the HR Network; Statement on cost-sharing principles; Consolidation of the CEB Secretariat; Pay freeze; Dual Career and Staff Mobility Programme; Work-Life Balance; Harmonization of Business Practices; Security Staff Screening and Vetting Policy; UN Stress Counsellors; HR Network Workplan; Update from Field Group; UN Cares; Inter-organization Mobility Agreement; ICSC issues such as: Education grant; UN/US net remuneration margin: review of the methodology; Resolutions and decisions

Document reference: CEB/2012/HLCM/HR/13

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HLCM: Action on Dual careers/Access to work permits 23.02.2017

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HRN: UN Dual Career and Staff Mobility programme 15.01.2018

On January 1st 2008 responsibility for the UN Dual Career and Staff Mobility programme (DC&SM) was transferred from WFP to the CEB Secretariat. The aim of the programme is to assist globally mobile UN staff members and their families, in networking, spouse/partner employment, obtaining work permits and settling into new locations. A Steering Committee takes decisions on the most important elements of the programme.  The DC&SM programme provides guidance and support for a large number of Local Expatriate Spouse Associations (LESA) launched in several duty stations globally.