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HLCP: Sub-Committee on Drug Control (SDC) 23.02.2017

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HLCP: Report of the 8th Session, Vienna, 28-29 September 2000 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/2000/1
HLCP: Report of the 7th Session, Paris, 15-17 September 1999 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1999/17
HLCP: Report of the 6th Session, Rome, 14-16 September 1998 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1998/17
HLCP: Report of the 5th Session, Vienna, 29 Sept. - 1 Oct 1997 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1997/17
HLCP: Report of the 4th Session, Vienna, 4-6 September 1996 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1996/17
HLCP: Report of the 3rd Session, Geneva, 31 July - 2 Aug. 1995 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1995/16
HLCP: Report of the 1st Session, Paris, 6-8 September 1993 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1993/18
HLCP: Report of 1st Session (September 1993, New York) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1993/25
HLCP: Report of the Inter-sessional meeting (June 1993, New York) 23.02.2017
HLCP: Report of 4th Session (October 1994, New York) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1999/21
HLCP: Report of 5th Session (January 1995, Geneva) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1995/1
HLCP: Report of 7th Session (September 1995, New York) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1995/18
HLCP: Report of 12th Session (March 1998, Geneva) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1998/7
HLCP: Report of 13th Session (September 1998, New York) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1998/15
HLCP: Report of 1st Session (February 2001, Vienna) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed included: Follow-up to the Millennium Summit: Poverty eradication and development; Africa; The global agenda/global public goods; Review of Administrative Committee on Coordination machinery...

CEB: ACC joint statement on strengthening United Nations machinery for drug control (06 May 1998) 15.06.2016

We, the executive heads of the organizations and agencies of the United Nations system, are pleased to take this opportunity to bring to the attention of the General Assembly our shared commitment to reduce and prevent the illicit production, sale, demand, trafficking and distribution of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, to strengthen sustainable development and to achieve better allocation of resources.

Document reference: A/S-20/3
CEB: CEB/ACC: Annual Overview Report, (June 1996, New York) 23.02.2017

During the year, ACC devoted special attention to issues relating to African economic recovery and development and agreed to launch a System-wide Special Initiative on Africa.

ACC also agreed on ways and means of promoting a coherent and coordinated system-wide follow-up to recent international conferences, in particular at the country level. In the same context, ACC reviewed the arrangements being put in place to ensure effective inter-agency coordination in the implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development.

Document reference: E/1996/18
CEB: First Session Report (April 1995, Vienna) 23.02.2017

This report covers: Discussions on International drug abuse control; Follow-up to the International Conference on Population and Development; Follow-up to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development; Questions relating to the status of women in the secretariats of the United Nations system; Administrative questions.

Document reference: ACC/1995/4

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HLCP: Action on UN Activities in Combating Drugs and Organized Crime 23.02.2017