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CEB: Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) 23.02.2017

The FCPF provides a global partnership forum for developing and industrialized countries to build capacity for REDD while piloting and testing performance-based incentives in 30 countries (25 of which already selected).

CEB: Box 2.19: Managing forests and combatting deforestation 23.02.2017

With its resolution 2000/35, ECOSOC created a unique mechanism to support the work of the intergovernmental United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF): the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF).

HLCP: Forestry and agriculture 23.02.2017

REDD-related activities of the UN system aspire to contribute towards achieving sustainable management of forests that enables the economic, environmental and social goods and services of forests to benefit countries, communities and forest users, while also contributing to global reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

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FAO The State of the World's Forests (SOFO) 23.02.2017

The State of the World's Forests reports on the status of forests, recent major policy and institutional developments and key issues concerning the forest sector. It makes current, reliable and policy-relevant information widely available to facilitate informed discussion and decision-making with regard to the world's forests.

Direct access: FAO The State of the World's Forests (SOFO)