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CEB: United Nations Convention against Corruption 23.02.2017

CEB agreed to study further the applicability of the principles and standards of the United Nations Convention against Corruption in order to combat corruption and strengthen institutional integrity and respond to demands for accountability system-wide. The Board requested the High Level Committee on Programmes and the High-level Committee on Management and its relevant networks to be actively engaged in pursuing the matter further with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, with a view to establishing a concrete proposal for CEB.

CEB: Management issues 23.02.2017

CEB continued its consideration of management issues in a more integrated and concrete fashion over the 2006/07 period with the support of its High-level Committee on Management. The Committee and its networks had recently given considerable time and attention to the subject of management harmonization and reform within the competence of United Nations system executive heads, with the aim of sharing information, avoiding duplication of efforts, identifying successful experiences as benchmarks and setting common directions for future work.

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CEB: Action on Institutional Integrity Initiative of UNODC 23.02.2017
CEB: Action on United Nations Conventions against Transnational Organized Crime and Corruption 23.02.2017