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CEB: Review of the functioning of the United Nations system Chief Executives Board for Coordination 23.02.2017

At its October 2006 retreat and in the framework of broader discussions on the reform of the United Nations, CEB began a reflection on the future challenges facing the multilateral system, as well as the need to improve system-wide coherence. In the course of a wide-ranging discussion, the central importance and potential of CEB as an instrument for improving coherence across the system was underlined. Executive heads agreed that a new opportunity existed to undertake a more ambitious approach to strengthening the relevance and functioning of CEB.

CEB: Work methods of the Chief Executives Board 23.02.2017

As a result of the CEB review and the integration of the United Nations Development Group into the CEB structure, a process of consultations to ensure an alignment of the work programmes and respective responsibilities of the three CEB pillars — the High-Level Committee on Management, the High-Level Committee on Programmes and the United Nations Development Group — was also begun during the reporting period.

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HLCM: Report of 23rd Session (March 2012, Madrid) 15.06.2016

Conclusions of the Twenty-Third Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Madrid, 15-16 March 2012). Issues discussed included: Dialogue with Staff Federations; Security and Safety of Staff; Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness of the UN System; HLCM Networks; CEB Secretariat’s dual location; UNESCO’s Financial Situation; Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Equality; UNSSC: Training and Learning Programmes for the UN system; EMG Sustainability Report and Conclusions from the Executive Session.

Document reference: CEB/2012/3
CEB: First Session Report (March 1998, Geneva) 23.02.2017

This report covers: Discussions on Review of developments affecting international cooperation and development, and their implications for the United Nations system: poverty eradication; Strengthening and reform of the United Nations system, including the conclusion of the ACC review of the functioning of the inter-agency machinery; Administrative questions: staff security; Peace-building: draft strategic framework on/for Afghanistan; Follow-up to recent ACC conclusions (International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction) .

Document reference: ACC/1998/4
CEB: First Session Report (April 2000, Rome) 23.02.2017

This report covers: Discussions on Globalization and the United Nations system: interrelationships between trade and economic, social and environmental dimensions; Information technology; Review of the Administrative Committee on Coordination; Human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; Staff security and safety; Follow-up to ACC decisions (International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, Issues arising from the subsidiary machinery); Other matters (Media guidelines; Recruitment practices; Staff College; Staffing of the Office for Inter-Agency Affairs).

Document reference: ACC/2000/4
CEB: Second Report (October 2001, New York) 23.02.2017

This report covers: Discussions on System-wide support for Africa and the New African Initiative; Staff security and safety; Dialogue with the Chairman of the International Civil Service Commission and staff representatives; Review of the Administrative Committee on Coordination; Briefing on the World Summit on the Information Society.

Document reference: ACC/2001/5

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CEB: Action on Review of CEB’s role and functioning (second phase) 23.02.2017

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