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CEB: One UN Exhibit Area at COP21 03.12.2015
CEB: One UN Exhibit Area at COP20 (pdf version) 23.02.2017
CEB: UN System Side Events at COP20 (pdf version) 23.02.2017
CEB: Statement of the Secretary-General for the Third International Conference on SIDS at the CEB High-level Side Event 30.05.2017
CEB: Statement of the Prime Minister of Samoa at the CEB High-level Side Event 30.05.2017
CEB: Statement of the Secretary-General at the CEB High-level Side Event 30.05.2017
CEB: CEB High-level Side Event: Programme 30.05.2017
CEB: CEB High-level side event: COP19-Event Programme 23.02.2017
CEB: CEB High-level side event: COP18-Event Programme 23.02.2017
HLCP: UN-REDD Programme 23.02.2017

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) endeavours to create incentives for poor forested countries to protect, better manage and wisely use their forest resources, thus contributing to the global fight against climate change.

HLCP: Tools for UN Country Teams 23.02.2017

An inter-agency effort, led by the United Nations Development Group (UNDG), to develop tools for the use of UN country teams in support of national responses to climate change.

HLCP: One UN Training Service Platform on Climate Change - UN CC: Learn 23.02.2017

To foster knowledge sharing and strengthening of climate-change learning and skills development in Member States in an effective and efficient manner.

HLCP: Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) 23.02.2017

To ensure that decision makers have access to the highest-quality climate predictions and services for effective adaptation and climate-risk management.

HLCP: Green Economy Initiative (GEI) 23.02.2017

GEI provides evidence of the contributions green investments can make to economic performance, social development and environmental improvement, including climate mitigation and adaptation.

HLCP: Climate Neutral UN 23.02.2017

A United Nations system-wide commitment to climate-neutral and environmentally-sustainable practices.

HLCP: Climate Finance Platform 23.02.2017

This platform, led by the UNDP and the World Bank Group , aims at providing comprehensive support to developing-country governments through learning and knowledge sharing

HLCP: Adaptation Learning Mechanism (ALM) 23.02.2017

A global knowledge platform to capture, exchange and scale up good adaptation practices, in response to the needs of developing countries.

HLCP: CEB Adaptation side event: COP15 Programme 23.02.2017

The United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) invitation to the debate on "Advancing work on adaptation to climate change:A UN system perspective"

HLCP: UN System Statement of Purpose: COP15 23.02.2017

The United Nations system, as the most inclusive multilateral institutional framework for policy and action, has an essential role to play in supporting the international community's efforts to combat climate change, especially those of developing countries.

HLCP: CEB High-level side event: COP15 Programme 23.02.2017

The United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) invitation to the debate on the role of the UN system in addressing climate change:COP15/CMP5

HLCP: Supporting the Development of a Green Economy and Creating Green Jobs 23.02.2017

The UN’s green economy activities are being developed in a way that supports the sustainable development aspirations of developing countries and balances the three pillars of sustainable development (economic, social and environmental).

HLCP: Social dimensions of climate change 23.02.2017

The UN system highlights the key social impacts related to climate change in close collaboration with governments, civil society and the private sector, and in accordance with article 4.1 (f) of the UNFCCC...

HLCP: UN-REDD: Delivering as One 23.02.2017

The UN-REDD Programme is the UN system’s collaborative initiative on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) and supporting conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks in developing countries.

HLCP: GHG emissions from international transport 23.02.2017

Being fully aware of the objective of the UNFCCC to stabilize GHG emissions, IMO will continue its endeavours to reduce the environmental impacts from international shipping and is already taking technical and regulatory actions to combat climate change.

HLCP: Protecting Health from Climate Change 23.02.2017

Climate change affects every aspect of society, from the health of the global economy to the health of our children. It is about the water in our wells and in our taps. It is about the food on the table...

HLCP: Gender Equality & Climate Change 23.02.2017

UN agencies, working in close collaboration with governments, multilateral organizations, civil society agencies and the private sector, work to integrate gender equality and women’s empowerment principles into climate change policies and programmes.

HLCP: Energy for a Sustainable Future 23.02.2017

To ensure a focused system-wide approach, CEB created UN-Energy was created in 2004 as an interagency mechanism for coordination on energy issues...

HLCP: Regional and National Centres on Climate Technology 23.02.2017

Faster adoption of cleaner and more efficient technologies and standards is crucial for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change...

HLCP: Global Framework for Climate Services 23.02.2017

The Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) is a joint endeavour of the UN system to support efforts to address climate change by strengthening climate knowledge and its applications across all sectors and disciplines.

HLCP: Capacity Development as a Driver for Low-Emission, Climate-Resilient Development 23.02.2017

The UN system has the broad operational reach and vast network of regional, national and sub-national offices to deliver capacity development services at such scope and scale.

HLCP: Climate-Smart Agriculture 23.02.2017

Providing food, fuel and fibre for a global population of more than 9 billion people by 2050 will put ever greater pressure on our planet’s already scarce natural resources, without taking into account climate change.

HLCP: UN System Acting to Address Adaptation Needs of Member States 23.02.2017

The UN system is taking concerted action to help people and communities in countries, especially those particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, to manage climate-related risks in their efforts to achieve sustainable socio-economic development.

HLCP: UN System side events: COP16 23.02.2017

This breadth and unity of United Nations system activities was reflected in 19 side events at COP 16/CMP 6. The side events brought together a number of agencies under thematic focus areas, all demonstrating how the United Nations system stands ready...

HLCP: UN System Support to Adaptation – Progress and Opportunities for Enhanced Action 23.02.2017

The earth’s climate is changing at rates unprecedented in recent human history and will continue to change. The associated impacts and risks are global in their nature, geographically diverse and are increasingly being felt across a range of systems...

HLCP: Technology Transfer 23.02.2017

Achieving the 2°C climate target will require technological innovation and the rapid and widespread transfer of environmentally‐sound technologies for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and for adapting to the inevitable impacts of climate change.

HLCP: Social Dimensions of Climate Change 23.02.2017

The adverse effect of climate change will not only be felt in natural and managed ecosystems, but also have "significant deleterious effects" on the "operation of socio‐economic systems or on human health and welfare".

HLCP: Protecting Health from Climate Change 23.02.2017

Climate Change threatens the fundamental determinants of health: Air; Water; Food; Shelter; Freedom from disease...

HLCP: International Transport and Greenhouse Gas Emissions 23.02.2017

Greenhouse gas emission from international shipping is modest but steadily growing apace with globalization and world trade. Therefore, IMO has been energetically pursuing control of GHG emissions from international shipping through a global approach...

HLCP: Global Framework for Climate Services 23.02.2017

The United Nations system is responding to society's pressing needs for practical information to anticipate the increasing impacts of climate on people's life. The Sixteenth World Meteorological Congress (Geneva, May‐June 2011) set in motion the process for the development of the Global Framework for Climate Service (GFCS) ...

HLCP: Gender Equality & Climate Change 23.02.2017

The Cancun Agreements, adopted at the 16th Conference of the Parties (COP16) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), entrenched gender equality principles into the UNFCCC outcome documents for the first time.

HLCP: Green Economy: Powering Climate Solutions 23.02.2017

For societies around the world to better understand, mitigate and adapt to climate change, they need to know what is at stake. The planet is warming due to increased concentrations of heat‐trapping gases in our atmosphere.

HLCP: Disaster Risk Reduction 23.02.2017

Thus, climate analysis tools for assessing changes in severity, frequency, and occurrences of hydro‐meteorological hazards at seasonal, inter‐annual, decadal, and longer climate change time scales need to become available operationally and applied for risk assessment within the economic sectors to support decision‐making at various levels and time scales.

HLCP: Climate‐Smart Agriculture 23.02.2017

Business‐as‐usual scenarios of population growth and food consumption patterns indicate that agricultural production will need to increase by 70 percent to meet demands by 2050.

HLCP: Facilitating Access to Climate Finance 23.02.2017

To catalyze low‐emissions, climate‐resilient growth, countries need access to adequate climate finance that simultaneously reduces GHG emissions and promotes poverty reduction.

HLCP: Cities and Climate Change 23.02.2017

The effects of urbanization and climate change are converging in dangerous ways that seriously threaten the world’s environmental, economic and social wellbeing.

HLCP: Vulnerability, changing populations and human mobility 23.02.2017

At COP16, Parties agreed to include some of these issues as part of the Adaptation Framework, and to consider them within the emerging Green Climate Fund.

HLCP: Capacity Development as a Driver for Low‐Emission,Climate Resilient Development 23.02.2017

To meet the climate challenge, countries need the capacity to design and implement strategies that support low‐emission, climate‐resilient development.

HLCP: Tools on social impact assessment of climate change 23.02.2017

The UN System supports countries to develop a comprehensive conceptual framework on the social dimensions of climate change, advocate a multidimensional approach to climate change policies and develop climate-related measures to ensure better living conditions.

HLCP: 2005 World Summit outcome factsheet 23.02.2017

Development; Terrorism; Peacebuilding, Peacekeeping, and Peacemaking; Responsibility to protect; Human rights, Democracy and Rule of law; Management reform;

United Nations System Chart (DPI) 11.01.2019

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