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FBN: FB Questions: 78th Session, (March 1993) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1993/7
FBN: FB Questions: 88th Session, (August 1998, New York) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1998/6
FBN: Report of 4th Session (July 2005, New York) 23.02.2017
Document reference: CEB/2005/HLCM/26
HRN: HR Questions: 87th Session, (July 1997, New York) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1997/13
HRN: HR Questions: 93rd Session, (June 2000, Geneva. July 2000, New York) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/2000/13
HRN: Report of 22nd Meeting (July 2011, WMO Geneva) 23.02.2017

Information on upcoming retreat of HR Directors and ICSC; Updates of initiatives undertaken by organizations, HLCM Dialogue with Staff Federations, Cost-sharing for salary surveys, Relocation and Security Evacuation under the Security Level System (SLS).

Document reference: CEB/2011/HLCM/HR/19
HLCM: Report of 15th Session (March 2008, Rome) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed included: Dialogue with FICSA, CCISUA and the United Nations International Civil Servants Federation; Security and safety of staff; Triennial comprehensive policy review of operational activities for development of the United Nations system: management implications; Plan of Action for the Harmonization of Business Practices; UNDG on management issues; HLCM networks; Status of implementation of enterprise resource planning across the system; Institutional links between the High-level Committee and the representatives of the Internal Audit Services of the United Nations syste

Document reference: CEB/2008/3

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