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CEB: Human resources 23.02.2017

The Human Resources Network completed two projects focusing on harmonization that are funded by the High-level Committee on Management Plan of Action. The first, a comparative analysis and review of the human resource management policies and practices of the organizations of the United Nations system, contains recommendations on recruitment and selection processes, performance management and job grading and classification.

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HLCM: Report of 24th Session (September 2012, Washington) 23.02.2017

Conclusions of the Twenty-Fourth Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Washington, D.C., 24-25 September 2012). Issues discussed included: Security and Safety of Staff;upport to Survivors of Malicious Acts & Natural Disasters and Affected Families; HLCM’s role in the next phase of Delivering as One – QCPR negotiations - Coordination with UNDG;Internal controls, Accountability and Risk Management Frameworks;Strategic Plan for Sustainability Management in the UN System.

Document reference: EB/2012/5
HRN: Analysis and Review of the Human Resources Management Policies and Practices 15.06.2016

The Human Resource Network finlized a comparative analsyis of staff rules and regulations and provided recommendations for follow up. The project is complete including work on analyzing arragements for non-staff in different organizations.

Document reference: CEB/2011/HLCM-HBP/1
FBN: FB Questions: 90th Session, (August 1999, New York) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1999/14
FBN: Report of 2nd Session Videoconference (September 2004) 23.02.2017
Document reference: CEB/2004/HLCM/28
FBN: Report of 8th Session Videoconference (March 2008) 23.02.2017

Briefing by the Office of the Controller of the United Nations on preparation for the upcoming meeting of the FAFA Working Group; IPSAS: issues from the Task Force; Progress of work on Harmonization of Financial Regulations and Rules; Cost recovery policies; and Coordination and distribution of work between the UNDG Management Group and the FB Network on financial management issues.

Document reference: CEB/2008/HLCM/FB/4
FBN: Report of 9th Session (July 2008, UNICEF, New York) 23.02.2017

Guidance on Consolidation; IPSAS and Budget implications; Off shoring of administrative functions; UNDGFB Network Coordination; Cost recovery policies; and Progress of work on Harmonization of Financial Regulations and Rules.

Document reference: CEB/2008/HLCM/FB/18
FBN: Report of 12th Session Videoconference (February 2010) 23.02.2017

Update on the HLCM Plan of Action for the Harmonization of Business Practices including WG on Common Treasury Services; the UN System-wide Financial Statistics Database and Reporting System project; the UNDG-HLCM WG on Cost Recovery Policy; status of the joint FBHR Network WG on Long Term Care; the joint FBHR network WG on Appendix D; WG on Staff Safety and Security; WG on Harmonized Financial Regulations and Rules; follow-up to the IPSAS Task Force meeting (Rome, Dec-2009) and IPSAS implementation progress; and organization of future FB Network meetings.

Document reference: CEB/2010/HLCM/FB/9
FBN: Report of 13th Session (September 2010, PAHO, Washington, D.C) 23.02.2017

Follow-up to IPSAS Task Force; Personal Financial Disclosure Programmes; Update from the joint FBHR network Working Group on Compensation for Service Incurred death, injuries and illnesses (Appendix D); UN operational rates of exchange (UNROE); Interim results from the Working Group on Safety and Security Costs; Common Services Centres; Progress report from the Working Group on Common Treasury Services; Progress report from the WG on Financial Reporting; Presentation of the UN System Financial Statistics 2010; Progress report from the WG on Harmonized Financial Rules and Regulations; and Up

Document reference: CEB/2010/HLCM/FB/30
HRN: Report of Videoconference (May 2006) 23.02.2017

Administrative Guidelines for an Influenza Pandemic Situation; Establishment of Working Groups on (a) Appendix D; (b) Long-term care; Update on UN Management Reform; Preparations for July sessions of HR Network and ICSC; Briefing on recent meeting on staff management relations survey; Follow-up to 10 March private session.

Document reference: CEB/2006/HLCM/13
HRN: Report of 14th Session (July 2007, Geneva) 23.02.2017

Oral updates from Working Groups: Education grant; Long-term care; Appendix D; Salary Surveys; Briefing and update: Safety and Security update by the Department of Safety and Security of Staff; Update from the Medical Doctors Network on its meeting in April 2007; Update from the IT Network on their last meeting; Briefing from the FB Network; Issues for discussion: The system-wide implications for HR management of the recommendations included in the report of the High Level Panel contained in A/61/583) (discussion on business process exercise and action plans); UN Contracts – issues of conce

Document reference: CEB/2007/HR/14
HRN: HR Questions: 81st Session, (June 1994, New York) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1994/14
HRN: HR Questions: 85th Session, (New York, July 1996) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1997/14
HRN: HR Questions: 87th Session, (July 1997, New York) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1997/13
HRN: HR Questions: 88th Session, (April 1998, Rome) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1998/5
HRN: HR Questions: 89th Session, (September 1998, New York) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1998/9
HLCM: Report of 9th Session (April 2005 , Geneva) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed included: Dialogue with Representatives of FICSA and CCISUA; Security and Safety of Staff; United Nations system collaboration in regard to accountability and transparency; Update on the work of the HLCP, Report of the ICT Network on the elaboration of the United Nations system ICT strategy, Financial and budgetary issues; Human resources issues; United Nations common system issues; Secretariat of CEB. Other matters included: United Nations system medical directors’ group, Rules governing compensation.

Document reference: CEB/2005/3
HLCM: Report of 20th Session (September 2010, Washington) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed included: Overview & prioritization of HLCM activities, and coordination with UNDG; Security and Safety of Staff ;Benefits, entitlements and insurance related to service-incurred injury, illness, death and disability; Administration of Justice; Decisions/recommendations and issues under review by the ICSC; HLCM Networks; Lessons learned in Haiti.

Document reference: CEB/2010/5

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HLCM: Action on Benefits, Entitlements & Insurance Related to Service-incurred Injury, Illness, Death and Disability 23.02.2017

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