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CEB: United Nations security management system 23.02.2017

The Board reviewed the financing of the United Nations security management system and the pending agreement on the cost-sharing formula for the system. The Board noted that the only outstanding matter in that regard was the concurrence of the World Bank on the formula on the basis of further information to be provided by the United Nations. CEB expected a full agreement would be forthcoming on that important issue shortly.

HLCM: Security Management System 15.06.2016

A new Security Level System was developed to assess risk through a structured process based on threats (deliberate human causes) and hazards(harmful natural or man-made accidental events) which are examined and weighted to arrive at an appropriate security level.

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HLCM: MSCIS – Management of Stress and Critical Incidents Stress Policy 10.08.2016

The primary goal of the United Nations Security Management System (UNSMS) is to enable the conduct of United Nations (UN) activities while ensuring the safety, security and well-being of personnel. The conditions under which UNSMS personnel operate in the field have changed drastically over the years, particularly in light of the UN’s shift to a “stay and deliver” approach to operating in high-risk environments. This has substantially increased the number of individuals exposed to stress and critical incident stress. While many individuals who experience stress or critical incident stress are able to resume their daily activities with minimal or no disruption, some may encounter difficulty resuming such activities due to psychological, somatic or social reactions linked to such exposure.

HLCM: Report of 27th Session (April 2014, Venice) 15.06.2016

Conclusions of the Twenty-Seventh Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Venice, 3-4 April 2014). Issues discussed included: Safety and Security on reconciling duty of care for United Nations personnel while operating in high-risk environments; Outcome of the operational activities segment of the Economic and Social Council; Contribution of the High-level Committee on Management to the post-2015 fitness-for-purpose strategy of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination; Outcome of the seventy-eighth session of the International Civil Service Commission - progress on the review of the United Nations compensation package; Information-sharing session on global service centres; Innovative financial instruments and mechanisms for international organizations; Organizational resilience management system for the United Nations.

Document reference: CEB/2014/3
HLCM: Report of 22nd Session (September 2011, Washington) 15.06.2016

Conclusions of the Twenty-Second Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Washington, D.C., 26-27 September 2011). Issues discussed included: Security and Safety of Staff; Programme Criticality Framework; Improving Efficiency and Cost Controls; Common Principles on Results Reporting; UNDG-HLCM Mission to identify country-level bottlenecks in business practices; HLCM Networks; Mandatory of Separation, ERM.

Document reference: CEB/2100/5

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HLCM: Action on the ECOSOC Operational Activities Segment 23.02.2017
HLCM: Action on Reconciling duty of care for UN personnel while operating in high risk environments 15.06.2016
HLCM: Action on Security and safety of staff, Unified Security Management System for the United Nations 23.02.2017
HLCM: Action on Programme Criticality Framework 15.06.2016
CEB: Action on United Nations system staff security and safety 23.02.2017

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