Fellows and scholars

(1) At the 21st session, CCAQ confirmed (1960: CO-ORDINATION/R.325, para. 79) that organizations did not recognize liability to third parties for damage to property or persons resulting from actions of fellowship holders in the course of on-the-job training or otherwise.

(2) At its 23rd session (1962: CO-ORDINATION/R.381, para. 104) CCAQ confirmed that there was no objection in principle to arrangements under which fellows or scholars studying abroad for periods over two years might be granted home leave travel. It was assumed that funds for the purpose were available within the project as approved. The Committee noted, however, that specific financial provision might be requested by some organizations when submitting long-term training project proposals to the Special Fund.

(3) At the 23rd session (1962: CO-ORDINATION/R.391, para. 105) CCAQ confirmed that when correspondence courses were approved as a method of training fellows or scholars, the costs thereof were to be charged against the budgetary allotment for the fellowship concerned.

(4) At the same session (CO-ORDINATION/R.391, para. 106) CCAQ recorded its belief that no further inter-agency consideration was required on practices concerning the sharing by recipient governments of external travel costs of fellows.

(5) At its 53rd session (July 1980: ACC/1980/17, paras. 61-65) CCAQ endorsed the recommendations of a meeting of fellowship officers which had been held in March 1980. The recommendations concerned home leave, payment of terminal expenses, and a definition of study tours. With regard to insurance for fellows, the fellowship officers were requested to draw up proposals on the subject (see section 7.3 for further details).

(6) At its twenty first session (CEB/2011/HLCM/HR/9, paras.65-66), the HR Network agreed to defer the discussion on Senior Fellowship Officers (SFO) proposal on Administrative issues to the Summer session in order for all the details of the Handbook and its legal and financial recommendations to be studied and discussed.

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