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PN: Report of 25th Session (March 2019, Vienna) 19.09.2019

Conclusions of the Twenty Fifth Session of the High Level Committee on Management’s Procurement Network (HLCM PN), Vienna, 27-28 March 2019. The Session included updates from the Working Groups on Harmonisation, Professional Development, Strategic Vendor Management, Sustainable Procurement and the newly formed Innovation-to-Impact groups as well as a status report on the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM) and current Special Projects.

CEBs: First Regular Session Report (April 2016, Vienna) 30.05.2017

This report covers: the reports of the Board's committees: HLCM, HLCP and UNDG, and issues of system-wide concern: the World Humanitarian Summit; and the United Nations system’s Support to the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Document reference: CEB/2016/1
PN: Report of 18th Session (October 2015, Vienna) 21.06.2016

Conclusions of the Eighteenth Session of the High Level Committee on Management’s Procurement Network (HLCM PN), hosted by IAEA & CTBTO on 7-9 October 2015, in Vienna. The Session included updates on the following: Professional Development Working Group Update; Annual Statistical Report (ASR) Automation Project; European Stability Mechanism; Harmonisation Working Group Update; Strategic Vendor Management Working Group Update; Collaborative Procurement Of Vehicles Project and more.

Document reference: CEB/2015/HLCM_PN/18
HLCM: Report of 31st Session (March 2016, Vienna) 30.11.2016

Conclusions of the Thirty-First Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Vienna, 22-23 March 2016). Issues discussed included: Support to the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda; New UN System Compensation Package and MAS65: conclusions of the intergovernmental discussion, implementation plans, and launch of the new phase of the review - for National Professional Officer and the General Service and related categories; Duty of Care and Safety and Security of Staff; ASHI - Outcome of the General Assembly's discussions on the SG's report; Special measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse; FICSA proposal regarding the cost-sharing of elected officials; IPSAS System-wide Progress Report for July-December 2015.

Document reference: CEB/2016/3
HRN: Report of the 31st Session (20 – 23 July 2015, Vienna) 15.06.2016

Update from the Field Group, discussion of topics under consideration by the ICSC, Mandatory Age of Separation, Update from the HRN Working Group on Disabilities, Workshop on Stress Management and Medical topics, Update from UN Cares, Briefing from the Working Group on Duty of Care, Update on new initiatives for Joint Classification and Reference Checking, Progress update on the initiative for support of Geographic Mobility. 

Document reference: CEB/2015/HLCM/HR/18
FBN: Report of 23rd Session (16-17 June 2014, IAEA, Vienna ) 23.02.2017

The FB Network discussed the following issues: New template agreement between the EU and the UN; The UN system-wide IPSAS project proposal beyond 2015; Proposal of a reference risk management, oversight and accountability model for common positioning by the UN system with governing bodies; Common definition of operating costs and a common and standardized system of cost control; Harmonization of rules and regulations, policies and procedures at the country, regional and headquarters level in the functional area of finance; After-service-health insurance (ASHI); Common Treasury Services – Pr

Document reference: CEB/2014/HLCM/FB/11
HLCP: Report of the 8th Session, Vienna, 28-29 September 2000 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/2000/1
HLCP: Report of the 5th Session, Vienna, 29 Sept. - 1 Oct 1997 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1997/17
HLCP: Report of the 4th Session, Vienna, 4-6 September 1996 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1996/17
HLCP: Report of 1st Session (February 2001, Vienna) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed included: Follow-up to the Millennium Summit: Poverty eradication and development; Africa; The global agenda/global public goods; Review of Administrative Committee on Coordination machinery...

HLCM: IASD: Report of the 14th Session (September 1999, Vienna) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1999/12
HLCM: Report of the 13th Session of the Inter-agency Security Management Network Meeting 15.06.2016

The Inter-Agency Security Management Network (IASMN) met at the United Nations Office in Vienna from 22 to 25 June 2010. A list of participants is attached at Annex A. The agenda and list of documents considered by IASMN members is attached at Annex B. This was the 13th session of the IASMN since its first meeting in Vienna in 2000.

Document reference: CEB/2010/HLCM/20
DTN: Report of 4th Session (March 2005, Vienna) 23.02.2017
Document reference: CEB/2005/HLCM/R.3/2
DTN: Report of 11th Session (October 2008, Vienna) 23.02.2017

Agenda Items discussed included: System-Wide Business Practices (ERP, Shared Service Centres, Portal, Business Case Development and Costing, Data Centre Consolidation, Internationally Recognized Standards, UN System Directory ); A Carbon-neutral UN; Desktop coherence; Geographic information systems; JIU Reports; Country-Level activities. Other items discussed included: Risk Analysis/Security; Data Communications Study.

Document reference: CEB/2009/HLCM/ICT/1
FBN: FB Questions: 86th Session, (February 1997, Vienna) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1997/5
FBN: Report of 6th Session (August 2006, IAEA, Vienna) 23.02.2017

Briefing on the status of the IPSAS project; Briefing on the activities of the UNDG working group on financial policies; UN system financial statistics: results of the survey; and Fraud prevention.

Document reference: CEB/2006/HLCM/34
CEB: First Session Report (April 1995, Vienna) 23.02.2017

This report covers: Discussions on International drug abuse control; Follow-up to the International Conference on Population and Development; Follow-up to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development; Questions relating to the status of women in the secretariats of the United Nations system; Administrative questions.

Document reference: ACC/1995/4
CEB: First Regular Session Report (April 2004, New York) 23.02.2017

This report covers: the reports of the Board's committees (HLCM and HLCP). Discussions on Programme issues (Curbing transnational crime; Bridging the digital divide) and Management issues (Policy on domestic partnerships; Establishment of the Senior Management Service).

CEB: First Regular Session Report (April 2010, Vienna) 23.02.2017

This report covers: the reports of the Board's committees (HLCM, HLCP, UNDG); Discussion on Climate Change-Beyond Copenhagen towards COP16; Cybersecurity; UPU Initiative: "Addressing the world— an address for everyone”; Expo 2010 — Shanghai — "Better city, Better life”.

Document reference: CEB/2010/1
HRN: Report of 11th Session (March 2006, Vienna) 23.02.2017

Accountability and transparency; Safety and security of staff; United Nations System Staff College; Gender mainstreaming ; Joint session of HLCP and HLCM; Review of the pay and benefits system: Standing of field missions: review of conversion of contractual instruments; Conditions of service of the Professional and higher categories: Children’s and secondary dependant’s allowances: review of the levels; Survey of best prevailing conditions of employment in Rome and New York; Job Evaluation Standards for General Service and related categories; Common scale of staff assessment for locally rec

Document reference: CEB/2006/HLCM/12
HRN: HR Questions: 79th Session, (July 1993, Vienna) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1993/22
HRN: HR Questions: 84th Session, (Vienna, April 1996) 23.02.2017
Document reference: CCAQ(PER)/84/CRP.1/Rev.1
HRN: HR Questions: 92nd Session, (March 2000, Vienna) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/2000/5