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HLCM: Report of 36th Session (October 2018, Paris) 28.12.2018

Conclusions of the Thirty-Sixth Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Paris, 11-12 October 2018). Issues discussed included: Retreat on integrating and mainstreaming business innovation within and across United Nations system organizations; Driving change in business operations; Risk management; United Nations system data cube; Addressing sexual harassment within the organizations of the United Nations system; Duty of care for United Nations system personnel; Personal data protection and privacy principles; and Internship programmes in the United Nations system.

Document reference: CEB/2018/5
HLCM: Report of 32nd Session (October 2016, Paris) 01.06.2017

Conclusions of the Thirty-Second Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Paris, 3-4 October 2016). Issues discussed included: HLCM Strategic Plan 2017-2020; UN system model for transformative “leaders of the future”, HR Management in support of the 2030 Agenda; Sexual Exploitation and Abuse; Costs of oversight and accountability mechanisms in the UN system; Common Definitions Related to Fraud and Implementing Partners; Programme Criticality Framework; Health Support plans for duty stations world-wide; Data Innovation Lab & UN System Common Documentation Standard; Report of the Inter-Agency Security Management Network (IASMN); UN International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development; Payment of Pensions.

Document reference: CEB/2016/5
HLCP: The UN system's joint engagement in COP 21 28.09.2016
HRN: Report of the 32nd Session (16 – 19 February 2016, UNESCO, Paris) 01.06.2017

The Human Resource Network held its 32nd session from 16-19 February 2016, hosted by UNESCO in Paris.

Document reference: CEB/2016/HLCM/HR/8
CEB: First Regular Session Report (April 2015, Paris) 15.06.2016

This report covers: the reports of the Board's committees; HLCM, HLCP and UNDG; Briefings on UN-Water, Beijing +20, UN Research and Training Institutes, Human Security; Issues of system-wide concern: The Data Revolution and Climate Change.

CEB: First Regular Session Report (April 2015, Paris) 15.06.2016

This report covers: The first regular session of CEB for 2015.

HLCP: Report of 29th Session (March 2015, Paris) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed at the session: Urbanization and Sustainable Development; Inequalities, Human Rights and the post-2015 Development Agenda; The Data Revolution; Youth Employment; Climate Change and Summary of information Items: Climate Change, Instanbul Plan of Actions for the LDCs and Reports of UN-Water, UN-Energy, UN-Oceans.

Document reference: CEB/2015/4
HLCM: Report of 29th Session (March 2015, Paris) 23.02.2017

Conclusions of the Twenty-ninth Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Paris, 19-20 March 2015). Issues discussed included: Review of the implementation of the HLCM Strategic Plan 2013-2016 and Follow-up to the CEB post 2015 Fit for Purpose; Review of the Draft UN System programme of work for a Data Revolution; ICSC review of the UN system compensation package: assessment of the proposals on the table and strategic guidance for their finalization – Path towards implementation of MAS 65 for current staff; Review and adoption of a System-wide road map for UN climate neutrality by 2020 and of the related goals towards enhancing environmental sustainability of UN operations; ERP Interoperability Study; Review of progress by the HLCM Strategic Group on reconciling the “duty of care” for UN system personnel with the need to “stay and deliver” in high risk environments; UN system Occupational Health and Safety Framework.

Document reference: CEB/2015/3
HLCP: Report of 25th Session (March 2013, Paris) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed at the session: Towards the Post-2015 Development Agenda; CEB Review of MDG Implementation; Promoting the Rule of Law; Advancing the Common Agenda: Disaster Risk Reduction, Oceans, Cybercrime and Cyber Security; Implications of Internal and International Migration; Demographic Dynamics: Youth, The World of 7 Billion.

Document reference: CEB/2013/4
HLCP: Report of the 7th Session, Paris, 15-17 September 1999 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1999/17
HLCP: Report of the 1st Session, Paris, 6-8 September 1993 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1993/18
HRN: Report of the 25th Session (June 2012, UNESCO) 23.02.2017

Discussions on personnel working for UN common system organizations on non-staff contracts; WG on review of the ICSC HR Framework; HBP HR projects; Inter-Agency Mobility; Support to staff and families after incident or death; Language proficiency examinations; UN Cares; Update from Field Group; Report on Performance Appraisal.

Document reference: CEB/2012/HLCM/HR/28
PN: Report of 6th Session (September 2009, Paris) 23.02.2017

Conclusions of the Sixth Session of the High Level Committee on Management’s Procurement Network (HLCM PN), Paris, 2-4 September 2009. The Session included updates from the Working Groups on Harmonisation, Professionalisation, Supplier Access, Sustainable Procurement and Vendor Management (UNGM and UNCCS).

Document reference: CEB/2009/HLCM_PN/6
CEB: First Session Report (April 2003, Paris) 23.02.2017

This report covers: the reports of the Board's committees (HLCM and HLCP). Discussions on Programme issues (Follow-up to the Millennium Summit: “Strategies for sustainable development”; Africa’s development and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) and Management issues (Education for All; World Summit on the Information Society; Launch of new security training programme).

Document reference: CEB/2003/1
CEB: First Regular Session Report (April 2009, Paris) 23.02.2017

This report covers: the reports of the Board's committees (HLCM, HLCP, UNDG); Discussion on Staff Security and Safety and on the Review of the functioning of CEB. CEB issued a Statement on Safety and Security of the United Nations System Staff, annexed to the report.

Document reference: CEB/2009/1
HRN: Report of 7th Session (March 2004, Paris) 23.02.2017

Review of the pay and benefits system: Modernizing and simplifying allowances; Overview of common system allowances and benefits; Mobility and Hardship allowance; Staff Attitude Survey on the Mobility and Hardship Allowance (Report from ORC); Education grant: review of the methodology for determining the level of the grant; Implications of enlargement of the European Union on the operation of the Mobility and Hardship scheme and on the post adjustment system; Development of modalities for strategic bonuses; Implementation of the pilot study on broadbanding/reward for contribution; Review of

Document reference: CEB/2004/HLCM/14
HRN: HR Questions: 86th Session, (April 1997, Paris) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1997/6
HLCP: Report of 11th Session (February 2006, Paris) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed included: The system’s response to the 2005 World Summit Outcome; Preparations for the spring 2006 session of CEB; Follow-up to CEB decisions; Relations with inter-agency bodies; HLCP work programme.

Document reference: CEB/2006/4
HLCM: Report of 21st Session (March 2011, Paris) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed included: Dialogue with Staff Federations; Security and Safety of Staff; HLCM Programme of Work, and coordination with UNDG; Mandatory Age of Separation; Improving Efficiency and Cost Controls; HLCM Networks; Social Media and the UN System, etc.

Document reference: CEB/2011/03