Actions are the outcomes of meetings. They are extracted from session reports and classified here by agenda item and mechanism.

Action Agenda items Datesort ascending
Action on High-level Committee on Management 29/04/2019
Action on Future of learning and education 27/07/2018
Action on Future of Learning and Education 20/07/2018
Action on Risk, prevention and resilience 06/06/2018
Action on Artificial Intelligence 11/05/2018
Action on future of food 06/11/2017
Action on artificial intelligence Frontier Technologies 06/11/2017
Action on cyberspace, biotechnology and new weaponry 06/11/2017
Action on Programme Matters 29/06/2017
Action on UN System Leadership Framework Leadership 27/06/2017
Action on Climate Change Climate change 16/04/2017
Action on Megatrends Children and youth, Development, Sustainable development, Equality 16/04/2017
Action on Risk, Resilience and Prevention Resilience, Risk 16/03/2017
Action on Cross-Pillar Linkages and Coherence Cross-pillar Integration 16/03/2017
Action on migration Humanitarian affairs, Refugees 26/09/2016
Action on Climate change Climate change 26/09/2016
Action on risk, prevention and resilience Prevention, Resilience, Risk 26/09/2016
Action on leadership Leadership 26/09/2016
Action on cross-pillar linkages Cross-pillar Integration, Development, 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 26/09/2016
Action on equality Equality 26/09/2016
Action on New UN System Compensation Package & MAS65: conclusions of the intergovernmental discussion, implementation plans, and launch of the new phase of the review – for National Professional Officer and the General Service and related categories International Civil Service Commission (ICSC), Salaries and allowances 28/07/2016
Action on FICSA proposal regarding the cost-sharing of elected official Staff relations 28/07/2016
Action on Briefing by the USG/DSS on current safety and security issues Security and safety of staff, Inter-agency Security Management Network (IASMN) 28/07/2016
Action on One set of principles and follow up to CEB’s mandates Development, Sustainable development 28/07/2016
Action on ERP Inter-operability Study Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 28/07/2016
Action on Reconciling the duty of care for UN personnel while operating in high risk environments Environment, Security and safety of staff, Medical standards, insurance, care 28/07/2016
Action on Human Resources for the 2030 Agenda Development, Sustainable development 28/07/2016
Action on UN System Data Catalog Data Revolution, Data communications 28/07/2016
Action on ASHI – Outcome of the General Assembly's discussions on the SG’s report Other Financial and Budgetary Questions, Medical standards, insurance, care 28/07/2016
Action on ERP Interoperability Feasibility Study Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 28/07/2016