The UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB) comprises 31 Executive Heads of the United Nations and its Funds and Programmes, the Specialized Agencies, including the Bretton Woods Institutions (The World Bank and IMF), and Related Organizations - the WTO, the UNOPS and the IAEA.

Member Organizations

The Membership of the CEB includes the United Nations; 15 Specialized Agencies established by intergovernmental agreements; 3 Related Organizations; and 12 Funds and Programmes created by the United Nations General Assembly. IOM is the newest member to join the CEB.

CEB Secretariat

The CEB Secretariat is a jointly financed office located within the United Nations Executive Office of the Secretary-General. It maintains a dual location structure in both New York and Geneva to support the work of the CEB and its High-Level Committees on Programmes (HLCP) and Management (HLCM).

Executive Heads

Participation in the Chief Executives Board includes the Executive Heads of the United Nations, its 12 Funds and Programmes, the 15 Specialized Agencies, and 3 Related Organizations.  Under the chairmanship of the United Nations Secretary-General, the Executive Heads meet twice a year to consider policy and management issues impacting organizations of the United Nations system.