The United Nations system Standing Committee on Nutrition is a partnership among United Nations organizations, Governments and NGOs, with the mandate to strengthen worldwide efforts to fight malnutrition. The Standing Committee analyses trends and raises awareness on nutrition issues, galvanizes action at the global, regional and national levels against malnutrition and promotes cooperation among United Nations agencies and partner organizations in support of national efforts to end malnutrition.

At its annual session held in March 2005 in Brazil, the United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition reviewed the experience gained and lessons learned in strengthening food and nutrition components in national development plans to help meet the Millennium Development Goals and realize the human right to adequate food. Using four country case studies (Angola, Bolivia, Brazil and Mozambique), the session increased understanding of the roadblocks to improving food and nutrition aspects in national development plans. The country case study synthesis presented a series of recommendations to the United Nations and to the four national Governments on how to strengthen efforts in these areas.