The Board addressed the establishment of a new curriculum and business plan for the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) on the basis of preparations by the High Level Committee on Programmes and the High-level Committee on Management. It was noted that a strong Staff College designed to nurture a common staff culture rooted in common values was essential in sustaining the effort towards system-wide coherence.

Three main areas of concentration for the work of the College had been identified:

  • Senior Management Network: training tailored to meet requirements of senior United Nations managers;
  • Peace and security: the College had been working on a special agreement with the Department of Safety and Security and other entities for training mission leaders. Actual training of trainers had already been initiated;
  • Training programme for resident coordinators: the programme was ongoing and would be expanded to include country teams together with national teams.

CEB members expressed appreciation for the new directions being taken by the Staff College and committed the system to making full and effective use of its facilities as an integral part of the renewed effort to advance a learning culture system-wide.