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UN agencies


Monitoring & Evaluation
Results-based management
Strategic Planning

Year established


Lead agency


(2019-2020 period) Ebrahim Gora (UNEP) and Jean-Yves Le Saux (UNESCO)

The UNSPN was set up in 2007 as an informal network of strategic planning and results-based management practitioners across the UN System. The group has held 10 annual meetings since. It is composed by more than 230 members (of which 56% of women) from about 45 organizations.

  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and good practice experiences
  • Promote innovation and joint initiatives
  • Encourage common UN application of practices
  • Facilitate partnerships and capacity development including training initiatives
  • Explore mechanisms to provide strategic thinking on UN wide planning issues
  • Chair: Chairpersonship will be by rotation among members.
  • Secretariat: The Secretariat will be housed by one or several agencies and will support the Chair(s) by rotation among members.
  • Duration/Rotations: The Chair/Secretariat will be for a two years term and rotation will be at annual meeting of the network (one of the co-Chairs stays for a second year to support the newly elected).
  • Workplan: The annual meeting will explore a thematic area (of common interest/priority among UN partners) to bring together experience sharing and facilitate strategic thinking in the particular area.
  • Communications/webpage: A membership e-group and fileshare and/or web space for the SPN will be developed & updated regularly. This will provide information on events, database of key documents and serve as the knowledge sharing platform