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GA res. 39/148H(1984).

The UN Institute for Disarmament Research( UNIDIR) is an autonomous body of the UN, established by the General Assembly to carry out independent research on disarmament and related international security issues.

The UN Institute for Disarmament Research( UNIDIR) was established in 1980 and its Statute approved by the General Assembly in res. 39/148H(1984). The Statute stipulates the UNIDIR should aim to :

  • Provide the international community with more diversified and complete data on problems relating to international security, the armaments race and disarmament in all fields, particularly nuclear,and to facilitate progress  through negotiations towards greater security for all states, and to facilitate progress through negotiations towards greater security for all states, and the economic and soical development of all peoples.
  • Promote informed participation by all states in disarment efforts.
  • Assit with negotiations on disarment and continued efforts to ensure greater international security at progresively lower level of armaments, particularly nuclear, by means of objective, factual studies and analyses
  • Carry out more in-depth, forward-looking and long term research on disarment, to provide general insight into the problems involved and stimulate initiatives for new negotiations.

UNIDIR develops practical ideas for building peace and security through analysis of disarment and security issues.

The Institute's work encompasses diverse themes, from small arms to weapons of mass destruction, from the reintegration of former combatants to preventing an arms race in outer space.  Through its research projects, publication, confernces and expert networks, UNIDIR serves as a bridge between decision-makers, researchers, practitioners, Members States and UN agencies to promote creative thinking and dialogue about current and emerging security chaleenges.

UNIDIR is one of the three founding partners of the Geneva Forum, a process for information exchange and informal discussion among the diplomatic and research communities in Geneva.

The UNIDIR Director reports annually to the General Assembly on the Institute's activities. The UN Secretary-General's Advisory Board on Disarment Matters functions as UNIDIR's Board of Trustees.

The Institute is funded by voluntary contributions from UN Members States and foundations, and recieves a small contribution from UN budget.

 The activities of UNIDIR fulfil its mandate to assist diplomatic negotiations and disarmament efforts, to engage the arms control and disarmament community on a variety of current topics, and to be a leading voice in security debates.  To this end, the Institute's programme of work encompasses five themes:

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Weapons of Societal Disruption
  • Emerging Threats
  • Process and Practice
  • Security and Society

UNIDIR is uniquely placed to accomplish these goals. Based in Geneva, the Institute is a focal point for intergovernmental organizations, the diplomatic disarmament community, and governmental ministries. But UNIDIR's reach extends far beyond Geneva through our partnerships and collaboration with academic and research institutes, NGOs and civil society, and students from around the world.

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