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UNEG was established in January 1984 as the Inter-Agency Working Group on Evaluation (IAWG). During the 80's and 90's, the IAWG served as an informal group made up of the Heads of evaluation offices who met annually to discuss evaluation issues. In 2000, an evaluation of the IAWG found that whilst it provided a useful platform for UN Agencies to discuss emerging evaluation issues, it needed a more proactive function with specific deliverables that could be used by the UN system in their evaluation work.The recommendations also emphasized the need for structured interaction among members, annual work planning, work groups to move the agenda forward and developing a website to enhance knowledge sharing. Since 2000, IAWG has continued to go from strength to strength in terms of focus, direction and output. In 2003, to mark the rebirth of the group, the IAWG changed its name to the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG).

UN Action’s efforts are guided by six principles:

  • Rape is not an inevitable consequence of conflict. It must be prevented.
  • Gender-based violence, including sexual violence, is a violation of fundamental human dignity and rights.
  • Attempts to end sexual violence must address gender-based inequalities by empowering women, and protecting and promoting their human rights.
  • The constructive involvement of men and boys is vital.
  • Survivors of sexual violence must guide advocacy and programming efforts to end sexual violence and secure peace.

SexualUN Action has three main pillars: 

  • Country Level Action: support joint strategy development and programming by UN Country Teams and Peacekeeping Operations, including building operational and technical capacity. 
  • Advocating for Action: action to raise public awareness and generate political will to address sexual violence as part of a broader campaign to Stop Rape Now. 
  • Learning by Doing: creating a knowledge hub on the scale of sexual violence in conflict, and effective responses by the UN and partners.