Follow-up to the Millennium Development Goals Summit and preparations for the post-2015 framework

The 2010 High-level Plenary Meeting on the Millennium Development Goals resulted in a global action agenda for reaching the Goals by 2015, and recommitted all actors to accelerate progress towards that end. The meeting’s outcome document provided the strategic guidance for the work of the United Nations system in supporting the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks

General Assembly resolution 62/208 called on the United Nations system to strengthen interdepartmental and inter-agency coordination to ensure an integrated, coherent and coordinated approach to assistance at the country level. Towards this end, the United Nations Development Group continued to provide dedicated support to country preparations of United Nations Assistance Development Frameworks during the reporting period.

Crisis, post-crisis and transition countries

Since the adoption of the 2007 triennial comprehensive policy review, substantial progress has been made in developing the necessary policy frameworks to strengthen the effectiveness of United Nations operations in support of countries in transition from relief to development. Those frameworks, which include policy on the integration of efforts, are set out in the report of the Secretary-General on peacebuilding in the immediate aftermath of conflict (A/63/881-S/2009/304).