General Assembly resolution 62/208 called on the United Nations system to strengthen interdepartmental and inter-agency coordination to ensure an integrated, coherent and coordinated approach to assistance at the country level. Towards this end, the United Nations Development Group continued to provide dedicated support to country preparations of United Nations Assistance Development Frameworks during the reporting period.

The United Nations Development Group made a significant investment to build the capacity of United Nations country teams in support of country efforts to design and implement high-quality United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks. Strategic planning retreats, which set the strategic base for the frameworks, were organized, bringing together government, civil society and the United Nations country teams to review the major national development challenges, identify the comparative advantage of the United Nations country team and high-priority areas to be translated into tangible framework outcomes. Governments have reported that 94 per cent of all United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks have ensured alignment with their national strategic priorities. Recent survey data from the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat shows that 98 per cent of the frameworks are centred around the Millennium Development Goals. Data also shows that United Nations country teams have strengthened their collaboration at the policy and programme level.