Lead agencies: ITU, UNIDO and WIPO
Cooperating agencies: ECLAC, UNCTAD and UNESCO


History shows that a period of economic recovery can greatly benefit from the presence of entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas. In the present crisis, technology, innovation and creativity are critical in providing opportunities for recovery, leading to a more dynamic, eco-friendly, sustainable and diversified global economy.

Not surprisingly, entrepreneurial companies are well-positioned to take advantage of the cycle of economic crisis and recovery. Furthermore, the diffusion of new products and services into the market can stimulate job creation and economic growth, and the expansion of infrastructure (such as the internet) can be vital for recovery from the current financial and economic crisis.

Information and communication networks are the new engine of the modern global economy, and need to be consistently strengthened and expanded. Technological innovation, investment incentives and strong legal frameworks are essential to sustainable post-crisis growth.

In order to promote such development, the Technology and Innovation Initiative aims to:

  • Monitor the impact of the crisis on developments in science and technology;
  • Support the needs of industry to help it to navigate the crisis, for example through investment promotion offices, training in information and communication technologies and networks, and assistance with management of intellectual property rights;
  • Develop technical and vocational education, learning and training in the area of science, technology and innovation, notably in poor and developing regions;
  • Develop patent landscaping, which will provide access to patent information and related technological information disclosed in scientific journals, as well as products and technology analysis reports; and
  • Foster intellectual property rights training initiatives for the promotion of innovation through a more active and efficient use of patent and technology information.