An effective response to climate changerelated challenges requires actions at the global, regional and national levels. The UN system is using its expertise and resources to ensure planning and delivery of coherent support to countries in their efforts at all three levels.

Global level

UNFCCC provides the central global forum for normative work on climate change. The mandates it issues, together with relevant mandates issued by other intergovernmental bodies across the UN system, set the goals and standards towards which multilateral action on climate change aims.

Regional level

Guided by regional and subregional priorities and challenges, and within the framework of the Regional Coordination Mechanism convened by the UN Regional Commissions, consultations are being held to decide on selected focus areas for collaborative and coherent UN support to climate-related actions at the regional and subregional levels.

National level

The UN system, collectively through the UN Development Group (UNDG), is developing means to improve support and collaboration on climate change activities at the country level.