Supporting Member States in their efforts to advance economic growth, social development and environmental sustainability in an integrated manner has been of paramount concern for CEB and is a centrepiece of the Secretary-General’s five-year action agenda. In response to General Assembly resolution 65/152, CEB, under the aegis of its High-level Committee on Programmes, developed several joint contributions of the United Nations system to the preparatory process of the Conference on Sustainable Development aimed at advancing coherence and synergies within the United Nations system on sustainable development.

Preparations for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

Member States have stated repeatedly that sustainable development was a key element of the overarching framework for United Nations activities and have called upon the United Nations system to take action to ensure the effective implementation of and follow-up to the sustainable development commitments, programmes and time-bound targets. At its fall 2011 session and spring 2012 session, CEB underscored that sustainable development, with its interlinked economic, social and environmental pillars, remained a top priority for the United Nations system.

Climate change

Climate change remains a major concern for Member States and the United Nations system. The United Nations Secretary-General also identified climate change as a priority area in his five-year action agenda. The Board continued to support system-wide efforts in this area by focusing on the need for continued and enhanced inter-agency collaboration and coherence. To this end, CEB addressed climate change in its fall 2011 and spring 2012 sessions.