Since 2001, CEB has continued to give high priority to engendering and extending effective and coordinated support for the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD). Its main objective has been to provide policy guidance to ensure that United Nations system support for NEPAD remains responsive to the needs of Africa. During 2004, the High-Level Committee on Programmes, on behalf of CEB, undertook an in-depth examination of the system’s support for NEPAD in the broad context of the implementation of the Millennium Declaration.

The United Nations system’s commitment to NEPAD is shown in the readiness of CEB member organizations to align their priorities with those of NEPAD and to refocus existing inter-agency mechanisms on guiding the system’s response to the support requirements of NEPAD.

As the implementation of NEPAD gathers momentum, African countries are placing growing emphasis on mobilizing financial resources for the implementation of its programmes, on building their technical expertise for the development and management of its programmes and on strengthening their institutions to better help them to achieve its goals.

The United Nations system’s efforts to scale up support for NEPAD will place particular emphasis on:

  • Providing assistance in integrating NEPAD priorities into the national development frameworks of African countries. This will, in turn, enable the United Nations system to align its development support activities behind well-rooted, nationally owned development strategies consistent with NEPAD;
  • Enhancing policy and operational coherence, including through more systematic communication and information-sharing, in supporting the implementation of commitments on NEPAD at the regional, subregional and country levels;
  • Strengthening the United Nations system’s technical support for the NEPAD secretariat, particularly in the performance of its roles of facilitation and resource mobilization for the implementation of NEPAD programmes;
  • Expanding the United Nations system’s technical and financial support for building institutional, managerial and technical capacities in Africa for domestic and external resource mobilization.