Prepared by the UNDG High Level Group

Following the World Summit of 2005, where the need for UN reform was given new impetus, the Secretary-General appointed the High-Level Panel on System-Wide Coherence in 2006.  In the report, entitled Delivering as One, the panel presented a series of recommendations aimed (amongst other issues) at strengthening the UN’s work in partnership with host governments, the UN’s focus on results, and creating unified UN Country Teams, with the capacity to coherently address cross-cutting issues.

In 2007, eight pilot countries volunteered to pilot the Delivering as One (‘DaO’) initiative, innovating new approaches to coherence at country level. The pilots were Albania, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uruguay and Viet Nam.  In 2010 and 2011, pilots undertook country led evaluations. An Independent Evaluation of the Delivering as One piloting phase was completed in 2012. 

In parallel, the new approaches were regularly reviewed in annual High Level Inter-Governmental Conferences on DaO, subsequently welcomed in the General Assembly resolutions on “System-wide coherence.” Furthermore, the eight pilots were joined by a steadily growing number of voluntary adopters. The last High Level Inter-Governmental Conference, in Tirana, Albania in 2012, gathered 48 governments.

In his Five-Year Action Agenda for his second term, the Secretary-General included a call for the “launch [of] a second generation of ‘Delivering as One,’ which will focus on managing and monitoring for results, ensuring increased accountability and improved outcomes.”

In December 2012, in the chapter on Delivering as One of the Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review (QCPR), the UN General Assembly requested ‘… the UN system to build on the best practices and lessons learned in implementing “Delivering as One” by a number of countries and further consolidate the process by clearly outlining the core elements of each of the Ones, based on lessons learned, including by formulating a Standard Operating Procedures as guidelines for the successful work of UN Country Teams, in “Delivering as One” countries as well as for other countries that consider joining DaO.’ The UN General Assembly further requested the UN system to report on SOPs to ECOSOC during its operational activities segment’.

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