Ensuring the safety and security of the United Nations system staff and reducing the vulnerability of its personnel deployed across the world, particularly those in conflict or highly insecure areas, remain key concerns of CEB.

A truly unified security management system encompassing all organizations of the United Nations system is a critical objective in this regard and its central funding would, in the view of CEB member organizations, be the most effective way of safeguarding its unity and its operational soundness. Meanwhile, in view of the decision of the General Assembly to maintain, for the time being, the existing arrangement with regard to cost-sharing for safety and security, CEB, through HLCM, has continued to monitor the apportionment of field-related security costs and has agreed to a more participatory and transparent procedure for the preparation of the budget, which is subject to cost-sharing. At the same time, HLCM continues to monitor and provide guidance to the Inter-Agency Security Management Network, the main inter-agency instrument, at the technical level, for addressing issues of safety and security of staff.