This project seeks to introduce a common communication platform for the UN procurement community to facilitate knowledge-sharing regarding the suitability of vendors to act as official UN suppliers.  It promotes the view that the United Nations system of organizations shall not conduct business with vendors that have been identified and confirmed to be doing business in an unethical and/or corrupt manner. Currently there is no common policy framework and very few organizations have a formal policy for dealing with vendor sanctions.

Anticipated Results & Benefits

  • It will allow the UN procurement community access to decisions relating to suspect vendors which can be disseminated instantaneously.
  • It will reduce duplication and enhance professionalism amongst UN procurement Practioners.
  • It is expected that it will improve member state confidence in professionalism of UN procurement by improving transparency both in the field and at headquarter locations.

Status: Completed

All HLCM members to adjust internal procedures in line with Model Policy Framework; report on implementation in September 2011.