This initiative is building on the 2010 experience in Tanzania and Mozambique where common ICT services were established with the objective to implement the country-level component of the recommendations resulting from the data communications study. This study suggested establishing shared wide-area network infrastructure in selected, high-opportunity countries.  The study demonstrated that while a single unique telecommunications network is not appropriate for the United Nations system at this time, value can be gained overall by taking steps to integrate components of the global telecommunications infrastructure, which is currently fragmented among agencies of the UN system. 

Timeframe: Fall 2012-Dec 2013 (Implemented in approximately 5 countries)

Anticipated Benefits and Results

At country-level, the key benefits include:

  • The optimum use of resources
  • Improved service delivery (capacity, reliability and service levels)
  • Improved disaster recovery, redundancy (back-up)
  • Availability of global network connectivity  
  • Medium and long term reduction in cost.  Details on amounts will be reported as the Tanzania and Mozambique experiences are assessed.