The CEB Website provides a unique ability to make available to the UN system, and to the public, total revenue and expense data for the UN system.  The Financial Database and Statistics Reporting project was established to improve the transparency of this data while reducing the burden to all UN agencies in the collection of this data.  The project has been expanded to include first level reporting by DESA for Operational Activities for Development, including Humanitarian Assistance.

Timeframe:    Implemented by December 2012

Anticipated Benefits and Results

  • DESA and CEB Reporting requirements to be met in single automated system, with the end result being a reduction of workload
  • Increased transparency and access to system-wide financial data
  • Improved analysis and ease of use

The new system is designed in such a way as to eliminate the need for Agencies to change their Chart of Accounts to accommodate harmonized reporting.  Further, organizations will self-assess on the reporting categories to ensure consistency with published Financial Statements.  This should allow for public reporting of financial data without causing any possible issues related to the misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the data reported by the CEB.