Results: Common Treasury Services

The project was pursuing creation of a web‐based knowledge sharing tool for treasury practitioners in the UN system and was envisaging rollout of a feasibility study for a harmonized approach to treasury services within the UN system. Its objectives were to institutionalise best treasury management practices in the UN system and to explore the establishment of common treasury management services for UN system organizations. The initial aim was to improve the level of consistency and harmonization of practices and procedures governing treasury services across the UN system.

Results: Financial Statistics Database

The CEB Website provides a unique ability to make available to the UN system, and to the public, total revenue and expense data for the UN system.  The Financial Database and Statistics Reporting project was established to improve the transparency of this data while reducing the burden to all UN agencies in the collection of this data.  The project has been expanded to include first level reporting by DESA for Operational Activities for Development, including Humanitarian Assistance.

Timeframe:    Implemented by December 2012

The UN System is undertaking a number of inter-agency initiatives in the areas of programme and management in the field and at HQ to enhance the effectiveness of operations and the impact of its work.  Benefits and results are seen as measurable changes from the current situation improving either effectiveness, efficiency or providing financial benefits.